How to use or specify multiple IP addresses in iptables source or destination on Linux

I need to specific multiple IP address in iptables using Linux script. How do I create a rule that uses multiple source or destination IP addresses ? You can set multiple source (-s or –source […]

How to prevent sed -i command overwriting my symlinks on Linux or Unix

I recently ran a command ‘sed -i ‘s/CONFIG_1/CONFIG_OPT_2/g’ /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/*.conf‘ on a Debian Linux server. However, the sed command destroyed the link and created a regular file in place of the link file. How can I […]

20 Free Wireframe, Grid and UI Templates for Bootstrap

Not since Blueprint or the has a front-end framework hit the popularity heights that Bootstrap is currently enjoying. And rightly so. It is perhaps the most complete web framework ever. With its clear and concise documentation, all of its UI elements, its 12-column responsive grid, Javascript plugins, and all of the free templates and components created by the design community, Bootstrap is the perfect tool for rapidly kick-starting any web project.