How to analyze Nginx configuration files for security misconfiguration on Linux/ Unix

How do I install Gixy for Nginx configuration static analyzer on GNU/Linux operating system to to prevent security misconfiguration and automate flaw detection? From the project page: Adblock detected ? My website is made possible […]

What Should New & Inexperienced Designers Be Learning?

Today I’m speaking to those just getting started in design. Maybe you just graduated from design school, or you’ve read through all the fundamental lessons offered here and on other design blogs, and you feel you’re ready to start taking on clients. Or maybe you have a couple of projects under your belt and you’re looking for more detailed advice as to what path you should be taking to propel your career to the next level.

Failed to set locale, defaulting to C warning message on CentOS Linux when running yum

Whenever I run yum command, I get an error or warning that read as Failed to set locale, defaulting to C. How do I fix this issue on CentOS 7 Linux server? Why do I […]