How to enable TLS/SSL encryption with Glusterfs storage cluster on Linux

I setup GlusterFS cluster on Ubuntu Linux. How do I enable network encryption using TLS/SSL for my Glusterfs storage cluster on Linux for security reasons when using over insecure network such as WAN (wide area […]

How to install and configure MariaDB Galera as master to master replication cluster on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

How do I install and configure MariaDB Galera master to master cluster on Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS server to get both read and write scalability? MariaDB Galera Cluster is an open source and free synchronous […]

How to ping and test for a specific port from Linux or Unix command line

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How to check RAID configuration in Linux

I need to check RAID configuration in Linux. How do you check your current software RAID configuration in a Linux-based server powered by RHEL/CentOS or Debian/Ubuntu Linux?Introduction – Linux supports both software and hardware based […]

How to remove hidden files in Linux

I am a new Linux sysadmin and Ubuntu Linux user. How can I remove hidden files in Linux? How do I delete hidden files in Linux starting with . (dot) character?Introduction: Linux and Unix like […]