When to Point Web Design Clients Towards Third-Party Services

Freelance web designers are often asked to provide clients with a wide array of services. Design, custom development, mobile applications, SEO and social media management all come to mind. And, while some designers do attempt to wear these many hats, it can be quite difficult to master them all. There’s enough depth within each one to support a more segmented industry.

How to Educate Clients About the True Value of Your Services as a Designer

Okay, freelance designers. Stop me if you’ve heard this one: you’re working on a project for a client, and all of a sudden there’s a discrepancy with your payment. Perhaps it’s because of scope creep, or maybe the client just went over budget for some reason.

The Many Types of Web Design Clients to Avoid

Once they’re out of design school and battling it out in the real world, designers can find themselves in a pretty crappy predicament. Maybe your teachers warned you to be as discerning as possible when taking on new clients (or maybe they told you the opposite, but you knew it was BS), but reality is often a rude awakening from what you expected when you first started working.